Design / Innovation

We Embrace the Power of Emerging Printing Technology


The visual impact of our Design Series graphic treatments will most certainly enhance your packaging and the initial in-store brand awareness of your product. UBS embraces the power of emerging printing technology and 35 years of packing craftsmanship in bringing to market the most exciting graphic treatments available in product packaging. The technical team at UBS has developed coatings, ink interactions and a foil film process to provide a distinct look and feel to our clients’ products.

Ask your sales professional to help you explore all the creative possibilities available at UBS.


Our unique inline cold foil system has far reaching applications with a wide palette of up-market design options. From the hi resolution of type up to the most unique image elements, our cold foil system opens up a new world in graphic design. The foil transfers to the substrate and then is directly overprinted. This results in an unlimited color tone so one is not restricted by standard types of foil colors. Ask your sales professional to help you explore all the creative possibilities available at UBS.


Add visual impact to your next graphic design by incorporating Cast & Cure coating. The style can vary from a bold prismatic to a subtle shimmer of holographic reflection. The coating technology is a unique inline graphic treatment that creates an optical varnish offering rich, high gloss holographic type effects on folding cartons and commercial printing. The casting film is a reusable micro embossed holographic pattern that casts the UV coating.


The UV Film Casting is a method of micro-embossing a holographic image into a UV coating. No material is transferred to the surface. The patterned film itself acts as an embossing mold that cuts light diffractions into the UV coating as it is being cured. Because there is no actual transfer of a foil or material onto the substrate, the film can be reused several times before new film is needed. UV Casting films are available in a variety of diffraction patterns, similar to holographic foils. The coating can be a full or spot application.

CUSTOM Applications

Film can be customized with a proprietary logo design for brand identity or brand authenticity and security.


Cast and Cure™ is a fully sustainable process that helps meet the ever increasing demand for “green” processes. The single pass production eliminates post print hot stamping. This reduces the overall energy consumption required for production. The use of ultraviolet inks and varnishes eliminates the undesirable and harmful VOC’s associated with other processes. Cast and Cure™ packages are easily recyclable by eliminating the laminated metalized films used in traditional holographic board materials. The overall weight of the package is reduced when compared to traditional metalized holographic foil board. This results in reduced freight costs and a smaller carbon footprint. The Casting film is a reusable material that can be used on multiple production runs.


A coating process that offers a luxurious feel and finish. The tactile experience is soft and pliable. The visual interpretation is one of satin richness. The coating can be used in conjunction with gloss coatings to further enhance your packaging graphics.


This application creates a raised and textured coating affect that give the impression of visual dimension to the design. The process creates a chemical interaction between the UV coating and a special varnish resulting in a multidimensional surface area.


Invite the consumers’ sense of touch and feel with this coating. This type of finish is created with a high-viscosity UV coating that is applied in a heavy pattern to exhibit a unique dimensional profile that is comparable to embossing. These coatings provide excellent gloss and clarity. The result is a dramatic appearance that can bring to life to your graphic designs.


A touch of glitter can create that added spark to your consumer packaging. Glitter is typically comprised of finely cut squares of metalized film. Glitter coatings are supplied in various colors and cut sizes.