Since its inception, UBS has dedicated its considerable resources to become the industry’s premier provider of superior single-source packaging and printing services. To meet this goal, we have assembled a skilled team of printing professionals and the most sophisticated printing technologies available today. This synergy enables us to provide you with an unsurpassed level of customer service, and the most innovative, cost–effective printing solutions.


Printing and Packaging

UBS believes that embracing the latest technology ensures that creative design possibilities are endless.

To produce even the most luxurious and complex designs, we rely on our cutting-edge six and eight-color UV sheet-fed presses that accommodate a wide variety of material for folding cartons and commercial printing. We offer a variety of ink choices such as UV, conventional or hybrid inks and in-line aqueous or UV coatings. You can choose overall, spot or designer series textured coatings.

UBS offers the latest in High Definition printing. Our stochastic screening technology enables us to use a 20 micron dot in a random pattern. The result is virtually a continuous tone that speaks for itself.

Premium Equipment

Our presses can handle a multitude of base stocks like plastic substrate, vinyl, foil board, N Flute, and SBS paper board—essentially any material with a caliper up to 40 points.

Quality Materials

In the finishing stages, our unmatched attention to detail and quality stands out in each and every step, be it embossing, windowing, foil stamping, or folding and gluing.

Unmatched Expertise

Whether you have a folding carton, display, brochure or presentation folder, you can be assured that each step will be performed in-house, by proud and professional craftsmen.




Even with cutting–edge systems in place to provide quality products, a printing company is only as good as its people. The staff at UBS brings to the table a rare blend of expertise from every printing discipline.

Talented sales support members, creative experts in structural and graphic pre–press design, craftsman die-makers, and printing veterans that oversee the presses make up the team at UBS.

We believe that efficiency and friendliness aren’t mutually exclusive. Our personal touch extends to every aspect of a project–from your initial sales call to your experience in the pressroom.